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How to deal with parts of the reference position from circuit boards to cancel printing

Author : Luwis Zeng Date : 2016-12-6 14:27:12
 With electronic products to do more and more small, now of the printed circuit board (PCB) are compressed to the smallest size range, with a smartphone plane size, the battery is almost 3/5 of the volume, and the rest is left to the space of circuit boards, joint should be above the PCB printing white paint (Silkscreen) printed parts Reference position (CRD, Component Reference Designator) also tends to be removed, the PCBA factory caused some difficulties to circuit board maintenance, so enterprises should be how to face off maintenance difficulties after CRD?
Circuit board baseplate
Above the PCB CRD main purposes are:
Can be used as the location of the SMT played a reference, SMT staff or QC usually visual inspection on the circuit boards of parts and BOM list are consistent, convenient with CRD can check whether the parts is correct.
Circuit board maintenance personnel according to the circuit diagram (schematic) bad check circuit and parts need to detect whether specific parts damage, with CRD repair personnel can quickly find may have a problem of electronic components on printed circuit boards.
Small make up understand that most companies in the case of limited space, the intensity of resistors, capacitors, CRD usually won't be printing come out to save space, but some of the main components listed below still want to screen printing out the CRD, at least can make most people on discussion board know which specific parts in that position:
1, the IC parts. For example, SRAM, CPU DDR, PMIC these important IC parts.
2, Connector, Connector. For example some external coupling bore (power socket, network, telephone, USB connector), threatening the plate connector (B2B connector), and other parts.
3, the other parts in accordance with the importance to choose print or not print the CRD.
In order to solve the problem of looking for components on printed circuit boards, we will create some special CRD corresponding to the location of the file to control the use of repair circuit board repair station personnel, if you can, with transparent Film (Film) the CRD location map with a 1:1 ratio to the repair station to cover printed on the circuit board can be the most convenient to use.
In addition, if can let each mechanic is equipped with a computer can open the Gerber is better, the repair man can use Gerber to search for parts in circuit boards, corresponding know each parts can also be in that position. If there is a problem as to market the above circuit boards, now mostly don't fix the board, directly in a new board is faster. If have to repair, can also keep the CRD are marked above mentioned corresponding to the location of the file to the market to do the corresponding repair. 
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