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Circuit board ENIG (nickel and gold leaching) surface treatment etc

Author : luwis Date : 2016-4-9 15:45:48
 Its surface treatment can be made as COB line at the bottom of the metal used.
Can be repeated many times reflow welding (back), can usually requires at least above 3 times of high temperature resistance welding, and welding quality can be maintained.
Excellent conductive ability. Can be used as a key conduction lines of gold finger, and high reliability.
Gold metal activity is low, not easy to react with atmospheric composition, so can have certain ability of anti oxidation and anti rust. So ENIG shelf life is generally more than six months or more easily, even in the warehouse for more than a year, sometimes as long as it is in good condition, no rust problem, circuit board after baking dehumidification and welding test to confirm no problem, still can continue to use to welding production.
Gold exposed to the air is not easy oxidation, so you can design a large area of bare cushion (pad) as the "heat".
Could be used as the contact surface of the blade plate. The plating layer of the application must be thicker. Would suggest hard gold plating.
printed circuit board ENIG surface smooth, good flatness, printing the solder paste is easy to welding. Very suitable for fine feet between parts and small parts, such as BGA, Flip Chip, etc 
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